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The Argo Fund Limited (“TAF”) was launched in October 2000. It is a Cayman-domiciled fund with monthly liquidity.

TAF’s investment objective is to achieve above average returns on a risk-adjusted basis by actively trading and investing in liquid instruments of emerging and developing markets.

It primarily invests in both sovereign/government bonds and corporate bonds on a long/short basis. Government bond investments are anchored by Argo’s proprietary Sovereign Risk Rating Model. Developed in house this quantitative model values a country’s default risk against that of other emerging countries while also taking into account where in the economic cycle that country finds itself. Argo has also developed a Credit Fair Value Model which pinpoints corporate bonds that are undervalued or overvalued.

In 2004, TAF was voted by “Hedge Funds Review” as the “Best Performing Single Manager Fund” on a “Risk Adjusted Basis” over three years. In June 2008, the fund was short-listed by “Hedge Funds Review” for “Best Fixed Income Hedge Fund on a Risk Adjusted Basis”.

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The Argo Distressed Credit Fund (“ADCF”) was launched in October 2008 - as the Argo Multi Strategy Fund - to take advantage of the dislocation in credit markets. It focuses on building a diversified, bottom-up portfolio in stressed/distressed assets utilising a combination of long and where appropriate, short positions.

It will invest directionally in emerging market bonds (corporate & sovereigns) trading at levels that do not reflect their fundamentals. ADCF is targeting high risk-adjusted absolute returns using little or no leverage.

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Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund (“AREOF”) Limited raised €100 million in equity in August 2006 and has since substantially committed the proceeds to property investments in Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

AREOF’s investment objective is to provide investors with a high level of risk adjusted total returns derived principally from rental income growth and capital appreciation generated from the acquisition, development and active asset management of its property investments in its target markets. The fund aims to allow investors to benefit from the uplift in value between a development project and a completed and income producing investment property, without incurring the full level of traditional developmental letting risk.

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